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 What is a Battery Desulfator?

A battery desulfator, also called the desulfator charger or defulfator battery charger, decomposes and dissipates the sulfate accumulated in the battery. The accumulation of sulfate lowers the battery capacity over time. To restore the battery capacity, the sulfate needs to be dissipated. The desulfator charger works by releasing a high-voltage current to break down the sulfate.

 Lead-acid batteries are a type of rechargeable battery and they are the type that particularly needs battery desulfation. During the process of repeatedly releasing and recharging power, sulfate is generated in the battery. When the sulfate accumulates, the battery capacity will be reduced. Battery desulfation ensures a good condition and maintains the capacity of the battery.

 How to Operate the Battery Desulfator?

Just connect the anode and cathode to the battery desulfator charger and it will start desulfurization. The process is safe and effective; it requires no handling. Automatic desulfurization can ensure battery performance and efficiency and prolong the lifespan of the battery.


Compact Size & Light Weight

Simple Operation

High Portability

Excellent Safety


Lead-acid Batteries (electric bicycles, automobiles, etc.)