A power inverter converts DC power to AC power, and a pure sine wave power inverter turns the power into the same type of energy that comes out of the wall sockets in the house or the office. Welltron’s WSI Pure Sine Wave Inverter is the MCU-controlled inverter for industrial applications. This type of heavy-duty power inverter has high stability when dealing with resistive load, capacitive load, and inductive load. The built-in MCU controls the operation of the inverter and makes it energy-efficient with the power-saving mode and frequency switching capability.

 The pure sine wave inverter is necessary for various electrical equipment given it turns DC to AC. The DC power is the charge stored in the battery and the AC power is what most electronics and electrical appliances use to run. Without the power inverter, they cannot make use of the power. Our WSI Pure Sine Wave Inverters are built with extra rigidity and durability in order to meet the heavy-duty applications in industrial settings. We currently have four inverters in our WSI series specified by the energy output, 700w, 1100w, 1600w, and 2100w. Scroll down to learn more!