The Sine Wave Inverter also called Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter or simply power inverter is a device that converts the DC (direct current) power input to an AC (alternating current) power output. The inverter is everywhere in our life because most electrical appliances today need AC power to run, such as cars, computers, mobile devices, TVs, and more. Based upon the application, there are various pure sine wave power inverter models available on the market. Some are for industrial uses and some are for household appliances, etc.

 Welltron’s Pure Sine Wave Inverter is designed for industrial usage and general household appliances. The inverter turns power from the battery into that from the regular wall socket. Our power inverter also has protections for sensitive electronics to prevent potential damages and hence greater durability. Other features are listed as follows.

 High-efficient Power Output

The inverter is capable of outputting maximum of over ninty percent effeciency. The complete sinusoidal wavelength ensures a stable and efficient power supply to your electronics with minimal power loss.

 Protection Mechanisms

There are built-in alarms for circumstances regarding low-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature, and low battery capacity. The alarms are on while the inverter is running so that when any of these situations occurs, measures can be taken to protect the device.

 Total-harmonic Distortion

Very low total-harmonic distortion makes sure the output sound for audio equipment, such as headphones and microphones, free of buzzing noise. Which leads to better performance of your equipment.